Up Coming Travels and other News…

Can you feel the sun setting sooner up here in the Northern Hemisphere? I sure can, and with the sun setting sooner it has helped put things into motion so that when the darkest days arrive, I am well organized. In order to focus and get things in line for the up coming months, I must take advantage of all daylight hours. That starts off with coffee and emailing time, drawing time, tattoo time, work out time, errand running time, and loads of things in between like updating my website and editing photos to share with you all, whether you are a future potential client just surfing around, or an appreciator of Art. I appreciate you visiting my website… away from social networks.


It is a little more difficult to update my website now a days since the popularity of Facebook, now Instagram. These social networks do not allow me to share most of the topics I elaborate on or items I sell here on my website. SO thank you again for visiting!  If interested in booking an appointment the only way is through the contact form in the menu above.


I just returned from Nashville Ink n Iron and I must say, I am so appreciative of the clients that booked with me before hand, because if I hadn’t had those clients book a day with me, I may not have been able to tattoo. Why? Because sometimes promoters/show organizers just drop the ball majorly, and expect something to just run itself. With that being said I am really really looking forward to Hell City Tattoo Fest! In Phoenix Arizona’s Biltmore Hotel.  Durb puts on one of the best shows in the country, and even though it will be hot as shit, it will be a breath of fresh air! I am booked for this show, however I will have some paintings for sale, so stop in the Hell City Gallery to check them out. Cash or Credit will be accepted for purchase of these paintings through me  at my booth. So let me know if you are interested! Get out to Hell CIty now! Durb is taking 2016 off from Hell City, so if I dont see you this weekend, you will not see me until 2017! www.Hellcity.com


I also wanted to announce I am making my first trip to Barcelona Spain for the Barcelona Tattoo Expo in October! And I cant wait! I am booking appointments now for the show, I will be working next to and sharing travels  with my newest artist friend www.BrianGeckle.com  I really look forward to this trip! And hope to see you there! Spread the word!


Lastly, I don’t know where the time went, but I am loving the latest (not as recent as I thought)  release from AFI, “Burials” … I remember buying the single when it came out, then I did not hear much about their release… but thanks to Apple Radio, under my music in my phone, Next to my AFI albums was “All” their albums option… so I get to listen to it when on WIFI for free! Thats crazy right!? Well I am happy I came across it recently on a hike because it is a great album and they are one of my fav’s!  http://afireinside.net/


Enjoy the rest of your summer…. its fading fast…. like your tattoo with no sunscreen xx