Up Coming Expo’s

Hey Guys & Gals!

I wanted to drop a quick line and let you know my travel schedule. Sure you can find it in the travel section of the website (link above) or just keep reading.  Tahoe show is next week! I am booked but come say hi! 

Next In August, I have 2 shows, VILLAN ARTS in Denver and  I am Returning To Hell City In Phoenix! Oh my can you believe it, I might melt but I’ll be there!! I am scanning clients for Friday. The rest of my time there is Booked! Fill out contact form if interested in letting me know what you have in mind!

In the Fall October 17-November 5th, I am heading over to Evian France, Denmark, And Iceland guesting at these Expos. All those dates can also be found in my travel sections. If interested in booking on the Europe tour please contact me through the contact form. 

Hope to see you there! ~Melis