TAMBlog & Colorado teaser~

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I was up in Colorado, as usual… I am sure you noticed that I travel there often if I am not residing in Colorado. Which will change by the way come June 2013!! I will be moving back… closer to Denver so stay tuned to that future news! ┬áIt was an awesome trip! Reconnecting with friends on the slopes and doing some great tattooing, as well as healing my body from prolonged sitting abuse… getting out and getting moving is what my body needs to feel balanced and strong. Tattooing may look effortless, however it does have its side effects as an artist. More to come talking about that in the future. Tattoo Artist Magazine invited me to be a monthly contributor to their new TAM Blog. It is a honor to be asked for my voice to be heard, and I hope that you have a read from time to time as I post thoughts, trial and error stories, cause and consequence etc. I am just finishing up my first contribution and wanted to share a few words for my up coming post:




Tattooing is greater then itself, as a tattooer we are actively participating in a craft greater then ourselves. As allies and spectators of tattooing, we are connected with the art, act, and end result; that is greater then ourselves. Check your ego, dont allow it to expand ahead of your capabilities or contribution. We all have an ego, it is necessary, be sure to keep it parellel.  Reach out to others, especially those near you in your creative environment. Build a foundation to grow from to keep your environment motivating, and free of negative energy. Watch out for emotional vampires, they tend to suck you of your energy. You can not alter their perspective and may need to keep them respectfully at a distance.

Encourage a common bond.



I will be posting my whole article soon, and as always thank you for all your support!! I am booking appointments for 2013, be sure to fill out the contact form!! Be well!