Spring/Summer travels 2016

Above you will see a flyer for my Spring/Summer 2016 travels! Dates are booked with the exception of Saturday or Sunday at the Venetian Tattoo Gathering. I will only work one of these days. Friday of that show is currently booked. Also in Grants Pass Oregon at Off The Map, July 1st is the only date currently Available. All other dates, Philly and Tahoe are completely booked! Hope I can fill those 2 free dates, one in Venice Italy, and One at Off the Map in Oregon with a really fun piece! Please contact me about those days through my contact tab above. See you all soon!!!

Venice Italy, April 28 – May 1, 2016

So excited to have a booth in Venice Italy for the Venetian Tattoo Gathering.  Flights are so quick from all over there in Europe. This would be such a unique opportunity to get tattooed in such an amazingly beautiful place, booking appointments now! Please fill out the contact form!  Thank you to Tattoo Now, Off The Map, and Paradise Tattoo Gathering, Hell City tattoo Fest, Gabe, Durb and Crew!