New Prints

Print Release, 

4 New  Prints will be released November 9th MST. More  information will follow, but please  make  note of  how  this sale will be arranged. The prints  will  be shown a few days  prior, and purchase button will appear in the store when the print is available. .Some details about the prints, they will range from $70-$100.  This price includes packing and postage. We anticipate mailing out will take several weeks, so please be patient, and note that prints will be sent in order so earlier purchases will have a lower edition number and will be shipped earlier. When order is placed  before December 17th they  will  be  guaranteed delivery within  the continental US. International  shipping  charges will  apply  and  are not guaranteed delivery  before Christmas.  Stay  tuned  here or social media for details! Thank you~melis


Travels 2017


Hello Everyone,  2017 has been a wild ride! With the expansion of Black Sage, 3 new artists on board  everyone is loving their change and I couldn’t be happier to have them under my umbrella. I have been very busy at home, so it is hard to plan multiple trips away. As of right now Here are the shows I have committed to and really look forward to being a part of!!!!  Tahoe, and Phoenix are BOOKED! I will be in Evian France working the end of October, and am taking appointments now. Please email me through the contact form!  Thank you and see you on the road! 

Spring/Summer travels 2016

Above you will see a flyer for my Spring/Summer 2016 travels! Dates are booked with the exception of Saturday or Sunday at the Venetian Tattoo Gathering. I will only work one of these days. Friday of that show is currently booked. Also in Grants Pass Oregon at Off The Map, July 1st is the only date currently Available. All other dates, Philly and Tahoe are completely booked! Hope I can fill those 2 free dates, one in Venice Italy, and One at Off the Map in Oregon with a really fun piece! Please contact me about those days through my contact tab above. See you all soon!!!