Booking 2019

Please Read: I am currently booking for 2019 and have a strong desire to create larger scale work. Such as back pieces, back suits down to the knees, full frontals, leg sleeve etc…  (putting a HOLD on arms sleeves as I do a lot) I am on the cusp of change/growth and will be heading in a new direction with my art. As all artists would agree, we are ever evolving and growing. Not only with our personal art, but with tattoo art. As age, life experiences, and time invested into the craft, things do change over time. I may not be producing much of what you see in my portfolio come the middle of 2019, as I am aiming to follow my heart and the pull of this subject/style change, to allow this transition to happen. With that, I must honor my intuition and pick clients with visions that are a good fit for my current path that I am on and will be exploring. I am aiming to do more female forms, mythological beings, creatures from story books, Viking, Norse, Pagan influences are welcome.  Ravens, crows, birds of prey, horned creatures, wolves… with a god or goddess are always welcome. My own creation of a tarot card, in large scale work would be very cool too.  Even your own vision of your spirit animal or being that can be created into forever art within my style I would love to hear about it. Please read information on the contact page for booking criteria. Contact me through my Contact Page. I look forward to working with you on these visions.