Past, Present & Future

Well my trip to Australia was super fun and amazing. It was filled with great times with friends, seeing new sights, eating amazing meals, and of course doing some fun tattoos at the Rites of Passage and then followed Hell City in Ohio. Alwasy a great show as well put one by Durb Morrison. It was the 10th anniversary of Hell City, cant wait til  next year 2013 back here in Phoenix! Now it is in the past with a ton of fantastic memories to hold on to, while presently working at the shop here in Scottsdale Az.  I am in the middle of planning my trip to New Jersey in July then Florida immediately following. June is booked for Colorado, but dont worry, I will be back there for September, for a week before and after the Paradise Gathering! I am so looking forward to Paradise, it is located at the Keystone Convention Center, September 13, 14, 15, & 16… IF you are in the area you have to visit! It is going to be a special one for me and I am really looking forward to this event, DONT MISS IT !!!

I will be taking so much time out of the shop here in Scottsdale, however I’ll continue to consult during my off time scattered  throughout  July, August and September.  During this time I will be very selective of what I am working on so please dont be offended if I am unable to get you in…  I can only take on so much. Also, signing up for art classes this summer, starting the first week of June is my ceramics class, at the amazing Mesa Art’s Center and another oil workshop at the Arts center of Scottsdale. Taking the time to branch out in other mediums of art is so fundamental in every way for me, that I am welling to step back from my busy schedule and focus on taking time to concentrate on channeling my creativity with help an instructional atmosphere.  Email me with any questions, booking info and thought 😉   stay tuned to my travel page and updates here! xo