Painting Workshop

About a month ago I was searching online for private or public painting classes. I came across the Barn Studio of Art, founded by Pat Witt. She is a landscape painter I had heard of and looked into what the studio had to offer. After seeing the web site and reading the following I had to take classes here! The Barn Studio of Art is dedicated to cultivating the love of arts in people of all ages and abilities. The Barn Studio of Art will nurture the study of art and nature throughout the community in a non-competitive, creative, developmentally appropriate and positive atmosphere. I signed up for the week long intensive landscape painting workshop. With multiple instructors mastering different mediums and techniques, I came away with more knowledge then I anticipated and more excited on landscape painting then I have ever been. Seeing areas of New Jersey that I have never been to was such a treat. Some of the locations were so mystical and held many stories. I had a 1 hour 20 minute commute  to and from our painting locations. Each day starting at 9 a.m. until 4-5 p.m. depending on how scorching the sun decided to be that day. If anyone is interested in expanding into landscape painting and are in the area of New Jersey, I would take this week long workshop! With amazing instructors and students, it was a very interactive creative experience. Here are a few photos I would like to share of my week.