Tattooing for Good 2.26.17

Tattooing for a good cause with other artist friends in Denver February 26th, Sunday. I have one spot open, for a new or current client that is not already booked with me at this time. 100% goes to 3 great causes such as: Little Old Dog Sanctuary, a home for senior and special needs dogs. Inquire through the contact form about your tattoo idea as you and I will be donating our time and dollars towards a few great causes! 🖤


Updates, Travel and Goodies


*As we are falling into the end of 2016, I would like to take a moment to give you all some information on 2017 travels, scheduling, and goodies I have to offer soon!  First and foremost, please follow my Instagram page, as I am putting my Facebook page on hold to see if I even need it any more at this point. Either click the Instagram Icon on the main page of my web site, or find me under: meliis_eye
*Secondly, I will have a fun 2017 Portfolio Calendar for sale in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for my updated post on their availability. I am excited to offer this, as I chose some of my favorite tattoos that I feel really represent me the most, however I do love all the pieces I get to tattoo, there just is not enough room in the calendar year to put them all inside!! So please forgive me if I was not able to fit your piece into the calendar. If you love tattoo art, and  know someone who does as well, this would be a fun gift and conversation starter every month!! Some people may think, “wow you are putting a Portfolio Calendar out there, don’t you think some one will try to steal your work and replicate?” Lets be real, someone that needs to replicate another artists piece is not an artist that you should be going to, let alone they are not me so they cant do anything exact. By all means please do be inspired by aspects of the tattoos, but do not replicate. Meanwhile, my Website and Instagram show my work, as well as Google, so its already out there!  I  thought this would be really fun to try for next year, and we will see how it goes!!
*Also I have a collaboration with Treasure Tribe coming out soon as well! These are some of my friends, that have been creating really neat wooden stash pendant necklaces,  and I am stoked to have my own custom design coming out soon! They will range in size and in limited numbered. 4 inch pendent will be limited in quantity and numbered priced at $100. Then a 3 inch at $80 no numbered.  Give them a follow on Instagram under “Treasure Tribe”. Last but not least!!!!!…

Here are just some Travel dates for 2017:  
3 Eyes Tattoo Show Adelaide Australia February 10, 11, 12
Tahoe Tattoo Show Cali/Nevada Border August 18, 19, 20
Hell City Phoenix AZ August 25, 26, 27

That’s all the solidified for now, more to come so stay tuned!!!  A new website design will be created before the end of the year adding back in my Travel Page that got deleted randomly.

Thank you again for all your support! ~melis

2 Spots Open in December for large scale work

As August comes to a close, I wanted to invite you to share your ideas with me. I have 2 spots open in December to start new large scale projects. I have a good amount of my large scale working coming to an end between now and October, which will open up a few days a month that I can dedicate to starting new projects. So please if you are interested in taking that journey, fill out the contact form. Large scale work takes months to complete and can be completed quickly if like Katrina above, you work on in once a month.  Six to 8 months later a back piece can be finished.  Inquire with me for any questions, look forward to working with you. ~melis

Spring/Summer travels 2016

Above you will see a flyer for my Spring/Summer 2016 travels! Dates are booked with the exception of Saturday or Sunday at the Venetian Tattoo Gathering. I will only work one of these days. Friday of that show is currently booked. Also in Grants Pass Oregon at Off The Map, July 1st is the only date currently Available. All other dates, Philly and Tahoe are completely booked! Hope I can fill those 2 free dates, one in Venice Italy, and One at Off the Map in Oregon with a really fun piece! Please contact me about those days through my contact tab above. See you all soon!!!