Necklaces For Purchase

All Necklaces are hand made by Melis. Purchase’s made through Paypal. If you sent me an email first, first come first serve! Please include your full mailing address in your email of interest. I will reply to your email with a paypal request. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. An additional $5 will be added for shipping. Please pay through family and friends option in paypal. Thank you for your support! I love these necklaces and cant what for you to receive them :)))


#1 Black Hemp/blue & Black Agate  $40.  24 inches long. Includes onyx, ceramic along with the blue/black agate pendant


#2 Black Hemp with Black Agate $40. 22″ long. Includes onyx and jasper beads.


#3 Tan Hemp Blue Agate with ceramic beads $40.  26″ long. More rough Hemp that will break in with wear.


blue agate tan hemp

blue agate tan hemp


#4 Natural Pine cone on leather. $50

Natural Pinecone

Natural Pinecone



#5 Ammonite Fossil, with leather and wood. $100  LONG 34″.  240 million year old fossil.


#6 Moonstone $140 with agate, amethyst, onyx, tigers eye, and jasper.  26″ in circumference.  Does not open. It slips over head.




#7  SOLD    Crushed Turquoise $130 with onyx, amethyst, tigers eye and Jasper.  26″ in circumference.  Does not open. It slips over head.



#8 SOLD Larimar Stone $140 with agate, onyx, jasper, and wood. 26″ in circumference.  Does not open. It slips over head.



#9 Fluorite choker,  $100 black hemp with large agate beads. 16″ Long


#10 SOLD    small crushed turquoise with seed of life 24 K gold. $120 On bronze coated chain.  22″ long.