I just wanted to share in a quick update on my Gia project. As I mentioned below in a previous post, I had made my sister and new niece my primary focus in my current artistic endeavor. I started with driving to New Jersey to share the last few weeks of my sister’s pregnancy with her, and get the plaster molds completed before she went into labor. With 2 molds complete, torso and belly before the birthday of Gia all I had to work on was painting the molds and collecting my props. Going through the 22 hours of natural labor, side by side with my sister; it was an incredible experience. Though at the end of it all the doctors suggested surgery, so they swooped her away. Baby Gia ended up in intensive care for a few days and I wasn’t able to hold her through her plastic cradle until 4 days later. The most tiny strongest human I know… just like her mommy.  A few days after Gia finally came home for the first time, I dove right into my project with the consent of my sister.  This project is not over yet but here is my vision so far that I would love to share with you…. “Fragile”