Colorado is Home Base

As planned, I have finished up tattooing in Arizona and settling back in Colorado! Feels good to be home again. Colorado brings me some of my favorite clients and I am looking forward for the busy months to come. I have all new projects starting this July, and I am still taking appointments too so if interested please fill out the contact form. I will be in Denver for the Summer into the early fall, and come September I will add in a few days a month up at Godspeed in Breckenridge. Also this summer I will be traveling often, Off The Map in Oregon mid July, (still have 2 openings) Seattle in early August, (taking appointments now), Hell City in Phoenix end of August (Friday still avail), Mid September Paradise Tatto Gathering in Keystone CO! Cant wait! When I am not traveling I will be tattooing only in Denver.  I will make an announcement when Breckenridge is added into my schedule. Wishing you all a great summer, keep that skin out of the sun, and see you soon!!! 🙂 ~m