Summer 2015

MFUSCO red rocks 1Hello there! I hope that the new year is starting off strong with new set intentions and goals!! I wanted to make a quick announcement that I am booked for both Hell City Shows, Ohio and Phoenix. There is some availability for Nashville TN in August!!!  For Evergreen Colorado home dates, I do have a waiting list going for August.  Now with Spring/Summer, I will be booking up more quickly through the Fall.  I am reaching out for those wanting larger scale pieces, large subject matter over large space fitting the body appropriately. Wild life and sea life, organic and rich. I am also open to adding in geometric shapes where it best fits, as more humans are realizing this connection in the natural world, it’s being translated even further into the art world then ever before. I am open to this imagery where it fits best.  So touch base to connect!!  Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you all for your support!!

Below are necklaces that I made that I still currently have available, if interested send me a message through the contact form.