Apollo’s Moon Stash Pendant


New collaboration with Treasure Tribe Art. Apollo’s Moon wooden pendent is a custom drawing by Melis, laser etched into layers off wood.

Apollo’s Moon

4” Magnetic Stash Pendant W/Ryott Digger One Hitter.

Designed and hand drawn by by Colorado Artist Melis Fusco, This pendant is laser cut and etched from Maple Wood and hand assembled.  The top is securely held on by 10 rare earth neodymium magnets. This piece comes with a 2” Wood Ryott Digger/One hitter that comes apart for cleaning.

Diameter: 4″
Accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity.

* This piece comes numbered and is limited to 25 pcs sold
** Bead style and color will vary per piece.

** $5 flat rate priority shipping

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