Thank you for taking a moment to visit my web site. My tattoo schedule can be found under the Travel tab. Please take a look and see where our paths may cross. You will find me working in multiple places around the country. My home is Evergreen Colorado!  My studio is Black Sage Studio.  I participate in a few select conventions, nationally and internationally.  Please feel free to consult with me through the Contact tab. 

June Published Articles

In this month of June I have two featured articles, one interview by my friend and fellow artist Durb Morrison. Durb is an entrepreneur himself, running his baby Hell City Tattoo Fest, Red Tree Tattoo Studio in Columbus Ohio, owner of True Tubes and more! Durb put in some time to share with readers my short story. Be sure to pick up your copy of “Tattoo Magazine” today!

tattoo magazine melis fusco artist

Tattoo Magazine

As well as a sweet feature in Tat2 Magazine! Its a double feature month! Thank for all the continued support!

Tat2 Magazine

Booking for These Shows:

FIll out Contact form if interested in getting tattooed from me at the these events. Please color pieces requested within my style, no cover ups or fix ups, no lettering, with some freedom of creativity please! If you feel you are a good candidate please contact me!


Summer 2015

MFUSCO red rocks 1Hello there! I hope that the new year is starting off strong with new set intentions and goals!! I wanted to make a quick announcement that I am booked for both Hell City Shows, Ohio and Phoenix. There is some availability for Nashville TN in August!!!  For Evergreen Colorado home dates, I do have a waiting list going for August.  Now with Spring/Summer, I will be booking up more quickly through the Fall.  I am reaching out for those wanting larger scale pieces, large subject matter over large space fitting the body appropriately. Wild life and sea life, organic and rich. I am also open to adding in geometric shapes where it best fits, as more humans are realizing this connection in the natural world, it’s being translated even further into the art world then ever before. I am open to this imagery where it fits best.  So touch base to connect!!  Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you all for your support!!

Below are necklaces that I made that I still currently have available, if interested send me a message through the contact form.


Necklaces For Purchase

All Necklaces are hand made by Melis. Purchase’s made through Paypal. If you sent me an email first, first come first serve! Please include your full mailing address in your email of interest. I will reply to your email with a paypal request. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. An additional $5 will be added for shipping. Please pay through family and friends option in paypal. Thank you for your support! I love these necklaces and cant what for you to receive them :)))


#1 Black Hemp/blue & Black Agate  $40.  24 inches long. Includes onyx, ceramic along with the blue/black agate pendant


#2 Black Hemp with Black Agate $40. 22″ long. Includes onyx and jasper beads.


#3 Tan Hemp Blue Agate with ceramic beads $40.  26″ long. More rough Hemp that will break in with wear.


blue agate tan hemp

blue agate tan hemp


#4 Natural Pine cone on leather. $50

Natural Pinecone

Natural Pinecone



#5 Ammonite Fossil, with leather and wood. $100  LONG 34″.  240 million year old fossil.


#6 Moonstone $140 with agate, amethyst, onyx, tigers eye, and jasper.  26″ in circumference.  Does not open. It slips over head.




#7  SOLD    Crushed Turquoise $130 with onyx, amethyst, tigers eye and Jasper.  26″ in circumference.  Does not open. It slips over head.



#8 SOLD Larimar Stone $140 with agate, onyx, jasper, and wood. 26″ in circumference.  Does not open. It slips over head.



#9 Fluorite choker,  $100 black hemp with large agate beads. 16″ Long


#10 SOLD    small crushed turquoise with seed of life 24 K gold. $120 On bronze coated chain.  22″ long.


Finished Painting & for sale

Happy December! I wanted to announce that I am completely booked through January, and have a waiting list going for Feb 2015.  I also wanted to thank everyone for their continued support, offering your skin as a canvas to me for your creative collection. I look forward to 2015 and traveling to a few new places, including England, Spain, possible Nashville TN and Toronto Canada, Seattle, Oregon Off the Map, as well as Phoenix for Hell City in August! Its going to be a great year! If you are interested in getting tattooed in any of the above places please let me know now through the contact page!

Here is a new painting I finished, Flying High. 24″ by 24″ Oil on raw wood.  This painting includes the triangle that you see in much of my art.  ‘No progress without sacrifice.’ In order to make progress in anything, something must be sacrificed. This thought can be plugged into any area in life. Keep striving, keep reaching, only settle to rest and replenish. Reach for the stars and know that you must leave somethings behind  on your journey.  Move through with compassion, yet still applying self care, as this world can eat you alive.  I love this painting, and the journey I went through painting just it. I am offering it for sale, please message me through the comment page. Also the other 2 paintings are also for sale, Pima Native, and Autumn Aspen.