Thank you for taking a moment to visit my web site. My tattoo schedule can be found under the Travel tab. Please take a look and see where our paths may cross. You will find me working in multiple places around the country. Currently I am back home in Colorado, and will be staying!   I participate at a few select conventions, nationally and internationally.  Please feel free to consult with me through the Contact tab. 

Black Sage Studio

Welcome to my new endeavor!!!

Black Sage Studio is located at:
3072 Evergreen Parkway #105
Evergreen Co 80439
Phone# 970-389-7607    please update in your phone the new number

Black Sage Studio is a brand new tattoo studio and gallery,  situated in the mountains of Evergreen, in the La Plaza. The La Plaza is owned and operated by a wonderful couple, Phil and Barb who are also the owners and operators of the Evergreen Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden. This wonderful gallery, apart of the American Oil Painters Society, is located in the largest of the 3 buildings, at 3042 Evergreen Pkwy. Arrive a few minutes early to take a stroll through the gallery sculpture garden. I couldn’t have decided on a more perfect location nestled behind it. I love the adobe architecture style of this building and its location directly across from Elk Meadow Park, where I enjoy mountain biking and hiking. I am excited about this new endeavor and can’t wait to share it with each client.

Travel Hints and getting here:

Evergreen is located conveniently off of I-70, about one hour west into the mountains from Denver International Airport. Take 70 west to the Evergreen Parkway heading into town. 4.5 miles, turn left onto Lewis Ridge rd. In 200 feet turn right onto Evergreen Parkway Access road.  Head straight just .3 miles and pass the beautiful front of The Evergreen Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture grounds. Turn left on Hilltop Rd, then your first left into parking lot. Building 3072 is to the right. Suite #105 come on in.

There are point to point shuttles that can take you to and from the airport and hotels, or there are plenty of car rentals on sight. Look for great deals on Priceline, and fly Southwest for some of the cheapest airfare.

Next stop, San Juan PR. Booking now!

Super excited and looking forward to my next trip, San Juan Puerto Rico!  Information can be found below. Fill out the contact page if you are interested in collecting a piece from be during my visit.

Booking for October…

MFUSCO red rocks 1Hello there! Just returned from a great weekend at Hell City Tattoo Fest in Phoenix Arizona. I want to thank everyone that stopped by, said hello and purchased a print. Thank you all for your support!  As I am wrapping up somethings here at home, now back in Colorado, I wanted to announce that I have a waiting list going for October and November. There is still some room on that list, if you wish to be added please fill out the contact form through the tab above.  I do also have some travel dates, that can be found under the travel tab. I am currently booking for Puerto Rico, and Boliva!!!  Looking forward to doing more animal pieces! Cant wait to hear your ideas! x

A Lovely Letter From a Client

melissa-fusco-octopus-layout-tattoo-denver-colorado-webWhen I found Melissa’s artwork online, I knew I HAD to have a piece completed by her. Depicted in many of her tattoos is a striking red triangle placed over the third eye of different critters. I connected with this imagery, and I knew I had to have an octopus with this geometry.

I reached out to Melissa with the hopes that she would be interested in completing a thigh piece for me, but I expected that she would be booked through the next year. Luckily, for me she was available, and we set up a time for a consultation to discuss our ideas. I asked for a “visionary octopus.” We looked at some references, but I left all creative freedom up to Melis.

Notably, during our consultation, she told me that the delta represented “no progress without sacrifice.” I heard Melissa’s words, but they didn’t register. I remember saying, “Really? That’s funny. I say the word ‘progress’ to the universe multiple times everyday.” At the time, I didn’t connect the importance of that moment.

We set up an appointment and we completed our first session basically in silence. This was my first large piece and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Melissa was great at counseling me through the process and she was very patient. For me, the physical tattooing was just the beginning of the journey. The tattoo, while yes was painful, was also exhilarating. I was able to go inside myself with the assistance of Melissa and my musical guru and connect with a part of myself that I didn’t realize I was longing to connect with that day.

During the healing process, I realized that through the brief communication during our consultation, Melissa was able to channel my inner being. I asked for a visionary octopus and Melissa created a visionary work of art so personal to me. Melissa truly is a visionary artist. For instance, Melissa choose for me “the seed of life” as the main geometric imagery in my tattoo. I am a reproductive biologist. After our time together I researched the meaning of the geometry and it couldn’t have been more perfect for me. But, most importantly, as I sat and stared at my leg in the coming days, I re-heard the words Melissa spoke to me about the meaning of the triangle. “No progress without sacrifice”. As I mentioned, at least fifteen times a day, I say the word progress to the universe. I believe that if you are open to the message, the universe with give you the answers to your questions, but you must be willing to listen. I think I have heard this answer over and over again, but I ignored it, because I wasn’t ready for the response or I didn’t want to hear the answer, but I kept asking. Well, the universe made it as clear as day to me. The universe through Melissa has permanently placed the answer on my skin (in the most beautiful fashion) and I can not ignore it anymore. If I want progress, I must make sacrifices. So, Melissa, I thank you for your vision and your clarity. You truly are a visionary artist. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with you now, in the past, or in future is truly blessed. Again, I thank you for touching my life and I look forward to being on your wavelength again soon. Much love and success to you, my friend.

Booking for June-August

     I havMelissa-Fusco-Colorado-Denver-tattoo-artist-poppy-field-mountain-backpiece-2-webe returned from Europe and have been moving through the June waiting list, and adding clients to July/August waiting list. If you have future plans of wanting to get tattooed by me, the best way is to be added to the list. Please fill out the contact form through the contact tab above!

 Also I am wanting to focus on landscape scene’s, with wildlife in the foreground. If you ever thought of a large piece including these elements let me know and we can converse about your ideas. I really love the wilderness, forest, mountains, dynamic skies, and wildlife. I am open to other tattoo ideas as well I just wanted to invite those thinking of landscape tattoos to move forward and talk with me about their ideas. Happy Spring and looking forward to hearing from you!!