Dark Side of Sage, Group Art Show

Black Sage Studio Art Show

     Dearest friends and clients: please join us on September 20th for a night of vulnerability, self expression through our eyes as artists, as painters, as soul searchers. My studio mates and I would love to see you in Denver at  Bitfactory  Gallery. An evening spent together before the Autumn Equinox. I feel I have been sewing the seeds of my personal creative endeavors and harvest season is upon me. A special painting will be shared and for sale that I created in loving memory of a client that left this world too soon.  @rena.bo.bena Rena was a dear client, and acquaintance since my years in Breckenridge. A portion of the original painting and prints of “For Rena” will be given to her family to help replenish some expenses accrued by her passing. Hope to see you there. 🖤  If you miss the show, please visit my website and Instagram to see what pieces are still available and prints offered on my shop here on line. Thank  you!

Up Coming Expo’s

Hey Guys & Gals!

I wanted to drop a quick line and let you know my travel schedule. Sure you can find it in the travel section of the website (link above) or just keep reading.  Tahoe show is next week! I am booked but come say hi! 

Next In August, I have 2 shows, VILLAN ARTS in Denver and  I am Returning To Hell City In Phoenix! Oh my can you believe it, I might melt but I’ll be there!! I am scanning clients for Friday. The rest of my time there is Booked! Fill out contact form if interested in letting me know what you have in mind!

In the Fall October 17-November 5th, I am heading over to Evian France, Denmark, And Iceland guesting at these Expos. All those dates can also be found in my travel sections. If interested in booking on the Europe tour please contact me through the contact form. 

Hope to see you there! ~Melis 


Summer Solstice Collab Tattoo

Hey! Brandon Schultheis and I are offering to do a collaboration piece on one lucky client on June 21st, the summer solstice.  We will be creating this piece at his studio in Long Island, NY, Black Sails Tattoo Studio.  We are looking for either an upper back, thigh or chest piece for a collab style of us both, bio-mech encompassing a glowy moth… hence: MothMech!  If you are interested in this one time tattoo endeavor, please email me through the contact sheet, title it ‘Summer Solstice Collab”.  We request that the skin space be free of other tattoos. And also with a collaboration tattoo both artist charge separately for our day rates.  

Now Offering Gift Certificates for Laser Sessions~

My studio Black Sage is now offering gift certificates for those special laser clients that wish to move forward with lightening for that perfect cover up, or to move forward in their lives with a complete removal. Offering 3 values in the shop. Please visit the Link below to help someone you love get going on their endeavor. Happy Holidays! http://www.blacksagestudio.com/shop  

Booking 2019

Please Read: I am currently booking for 2019 and have a strong desire to create larger scale work. Such as back pieces, back suits down to the knees, full frontals, leg sleeve etc…  (putting a HOLD on arms sleeves as I do a lot) I am on the cusp of change/growth and will be heading in a new direction with my art. As all artists would agree, we are ever evolving and growing. Not only with our personal art, but with tattoo art. As age, life experiences, and time invested into the craft, things do change over time. I may not be producing much of what you see in my portfolio come the middle of 2019, as I am aiming to follow my heart and the pull of this subject/style change, to allow this transition to happen. With that, I must honor my intuition and pick clients with visions that are a good fit for my current path that I am on and will be exploring. I am aiming to do more female forms, mythological beings, creatures from story books, Viking, Norse, Pagan influences are welcome.  Ravens, crows, birds of prey, horned creatures, wolves… with a god or goddess are always welcome. My own creation of a tarot card, in large scale work would be very cool too.  Even your own vision of your spirit animal or being that can be created into forever art within my style I would love to hear about it. Please read information on the contact page for booking criteria. Contact me through my Contact Page. I look forward to working with you on these visions.